Friday, October 14, 2011

Lights will guide you home, and ignite your bones.

Have you ever heard the song "Fix You" by Coldplay? If not, get on youtube and listen to it now.
I had forgotten about this song until recently when I was listening to Pandora and came across it.

To start off, this song describes my life. I always will be there for anyone; no matter who you are or what you have done. ALWAYS. I don't care if I don't even know you, I am here for you. Everyone has their own life story and hardships that come along with it. Although, not everyone has that one person to be there for them through anything at anytime. That's where I will come in hand, "I will try to fix you". I can't guarantee that I will fix or solve all of your problems because that is just unrealistic; but I will try my hardest. 
I have personally felt more lonely than I ever have, and have been dwelling over my life. Then I realized, things will never get better if I just sit here and cry in my bed; it's time to fix myself since no one else can. I know that I have not "fixed" myself, but I am getting there. I still can't say that I love my life, but my attitudes towards it are progressing. I get out of bed hoping for the best; not the worst. As silly as this may seem, it's all true. I understand what it is like to feel like no one is there to catch your tears, listen to your problems, or try to fix things. It is literally the worst feeling in the world and it can eat you alive if you let it. But, I didn't. I won't let you either. Once again, I am here to help anyone in any situation. I have no restrictions causing me to not be there to help someone when they need it. 
I know most people who need someone to talk to, won't talk to me. I am okay with that, I just hope that you know I am here.
A friend of mine recently opened up to me about some of the hardships and problems in his life, and I feel like I have to be there for him, even if i haven't spoken to him in two years. Now, he is one of the few numbers saved into my phone. I know that I can't fix everything in his life and won't know all of the problems he is battling. All in all, he knows I am here for him, and that reassurance is all a person needs. I have delt with it first hand. 
Finally, when you listen to Fix You, know that when the tears come streaming down your face, I will try to fix you.